How devoted are you to the LORD?

Are you much more devoted to the DESIRES that you have? than in your relationship with God?

These are some questions that I’ve had to ask myself today.  I wonder if I did not receive those desires because of my lack of commitment to prayer.

The word does say to pray without ceasing and often times when I don’t see the fruit of my prayers I will eventually stop praying for whatever that “thing” is at the moment.

However, I’m slowly learning that is not the correct approach.  God is far more interested in answering our prayers (if it is HIS will for us) when we make the sincere effort to go to HIM not only when it’s convenient for us.  He is interested in a friendship and intimate relationship with us by studying HIS word, praying to HIM, meditating on HIS word by seeking to understand his nature through study, journaling, asking questions, and applying what we glean from our quiet time with him.



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