Thought to Ponder #7

There are some people whose sole purpose in life seems to be: to make others miserable.

Most times you can’t avoid these people, sometimes you have to work with them.

If you react to their malignant behavior you’ve accomplished their goal.

If you call them out on their obvious tactics they love the fact that you’ve taken notice.

Do not waste your time and energy thinking about these people.

At some point they’re going to realize that in their effort to make things hard for you they’ve missed the warning signs of the obstacles approaching them.

We’re all going to face difficulty at some point and sometimes we want to react to the situation because it’s unfair, unjust, or simply uncomfortable.

The truth of the matter is that the laws of life are self-correcting and do not need our interference.

The goal for us is to really try to “Obey God and leave all the consequences to him.” – Dr. Charles Stanley

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