Thoughts on PURPOSE

Children learn by example.

Growing up I did not have an ideal mother figure.

I can remember playing “house” with friends at a very young age. I would be picked to play the “mom” role.

I remember being very adamant about not taking on that role.

At the time, I only remember being afraid of the responsibility and didn’t want that pressure of being the “mommy”.

I remember thinking, What if something went wrong? or What if the baby doll ended up hurt?

Looking back on my childhood, I realize how not having a mother figure affected me right into adulthood.

Most importantly, I didn’t view motherhood as the blessing that I now know it to be.

As I’ve become more in touch with the Holy Spirit, I’ve learned that being a mother is part of my purpose.  Only I came to grips with that fact at a critical point in my life.

Part of the reason, why I started In Pursuit of Bliss is because we often find ourselves going in circles trying to find out who we are, what our purpose is, how to contribute to society, how to make an impact, etc etc and yet more often than not the object of our desire is right in front of us.

But, we don’t recognize it initially; not because we don’t want to but because our pursuits are often too self-centered instead of simply serving others.

Can you relate to feeling lost, unsure, and uncertain of who you are destined to be and searching for some direction.  Two suggested readings are: A Purpose – Driven Life by Rick Warren and more importantly, the Holy Bible.

Let your journey begin.

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