In His Words – Rick Warren

God calls you to a service far beyond anything you could ever imagine. You were put on Earth to make a contribution.  You weren’t created just to consume resources — to eat, breathe, and take up space. God designed you to make a difference with your life. You were created to add to life on Earth, not just take from it. God wants you to give something back. – Daily Hope

I truly believe that statement.  I’ve come to learn that life is not about “me” it’s beyond me. It’s about what I can do for someone else.  How can I make an impact on someone in a positive way. How can I show compassion/love/generosity to someone in need.

Once we understand that life is less about SELF and more about SERVICE to others it broadens the question of “what is my life’s purpose?” to am I fulfilling my purpose with the talent/gifts/experiences that I have been given for the benefit of someone else?

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